Bleach Swords

Bleach Swords are probably the biggest thing in fantasy swords at the moment. The anime series has propelled the Bleach sword to be a number one seller for toy swords. What other anime series can you say has it's own musical? Bleach swords are a hit with all ages.

Anything with a sharp edge is very real in my book. Before there were guns, there were makeshift knives and the people who used them were forced to be very strategic when it was time to kill wild game. They didn’t have the option to shoot a buffalo with a 12 gauge shotgun. Indians didn’t have the advantages of ninja swords; if anything they had wooden swords carved out of tree branches.

As time passed, metal swords emerged and made things a little easier for those living off the land. Still, before guns were the norm people had to be good with their hands and light on their feet to capture the day’s dinner. There are a few modern era men of the wilderness that utilize these skills for personal reasons. Bear Grylls is a legend in some people’s books as is the Grizzly man, who lived in the wild with grizzly bears. Spanish bullfighters utilize fencing swords to direct steer the bull in a different direction. When you’re living in the wild, big fancy katana swords aren’t really practical. You’ll see more of a dagger style sword for stabbing purposes.

Bear Grylls doesn' t need a Bleach sword to be a legend in my book. This man could use a bleach sword instead of that sorry excuse for a sword he's using. 

The Anime Series, “Bleach” is a hugely successful show that was created by Tite Kubo from Japan. He has a fond liking for several types of katana swords, samurai swords and other types of Japanese swords. The creation of the bleach swords throughout his anime series has grown the show’s popularity even further. Fans can easily recognize bleach swords off the show as well. Several places now sell the show’s infamous bleach swords in various sizes and styles. Much like lord of the rings swords have become popular with that fan base, bleach swords are a hit with fans of the Bleach series.

Fantasy swords have been made popular by other shows in the past, but nothing like what Bleach swords have become since 2001. The Dragon Ball Z series shed some light on the popularity of Japanese swords in general, but Ichigo Kurosaki, the show’s main character really made bleach swords recognizable. 

Here is a very popular bleach sword that you might be able to find on anime specialty sites. Here are a couple of the more popular Bleach swords, seen on the popular anime series.

The Bleach Swords have become so popular in cultures across the world that it has spawned off interests from places you might not expect for a Japanese anime cartoon series. The Bleach musical was created to honor the famous show and has appeared on Broadway. There have been full length films about Bleach swords that have sold millions. Bleach sword trading cards are becoming popular all over the world and even Bleach video games that showcase the Bleach swords in action. If you’re a fan of the show, there is no shortage of Bleach sword activity on the market.

Star Trek fans always get a bad rap for being too obsessed with the series, but I think Bleach fans can give the trekkies a run for their money. There are events devoted entirely to Bleach swords and dressing up like the characters. I thought Lord of the Ring swords were geeky, but wow – If I ever heard about a friend of mine attending one of these Bleach sword events, we might have to stop hanging out; in public at least.

This is one of the biggest bleach swords on the popular show. Not only does this loyal fan have the matching outfit, he's got the optional Bleach sword to complete the outfit. Wow.

The cartoons I grew up with did have their fair share of weapons and fighting utensils, but none of the shows really used the weapon as the basis for the show. Bleach swords really are a crucial part of the show and aid in the show’s following. They do a great job of developing the characters so you don’t only associate each of them with their bleach swords, but their entire wardrobe. Most of the characters have the signature anime look, but also have a distinctive shirt, hair color or uniform that compliments their specific bleach sword.

The bleach swords themselves are easy to recognize, though there are several to memorize on the show if that is your goal. The bleach swords take cues from ancient Japanese samurai swords, some influence from medieval swords and the Excalibur swords. The illustrators have implemented some of their own style in developing the bleach swords, to give them a distinct look that has created more interest in the fantasy swords themselves.

As with every character on the show, this fighter is carrying his Bleach Sword. One of the more recognizable Bleach Swords on the show.

Bleach swords are perfect example of combining traditional style Japanese swords with new age trends. Some people feel that the types of bleach swords the show uses is honorable to the ancient samurai swords, while genuine sword collectors and others feel that the series is an outright disgrace to the tradition and legacy of a Japanese swords. I think most fans take it for it is and enjoy the show. Obviously, someone appreciates what the show brings or it wouldn't have hardcore fan base that it does.